Parents Talking About Their Lesbian and Gay Children Video


Over 20 years ago a video, 'Parents Talking' was produced on FFLAG's behalf. It features Manchester Parents Group members discussing their feelings when they discovered they have a lesbian or gay child. The introduction is by Sir Ian Mckellen.

You'll need to forgive the ancient fashion sense, after all it's 20+ years ago, but the information is as relevant today as it has always been.

The quality isn't brilliant as it was ripped from a very old VHS tape, however the content is far too useful for parents to lose. If anyone involved in the original recordings has a decent copy, please Contact Us.



Lois talks on the radio about "Our Kids Are Alright" booklet

Download the "Our Kids are alright booklet.pdf" 

Lois on the radio part 1

Lois on the radio part 2


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