Help For Parents Of Lesbians And Gays

Parents Talking Movie

Over 15 years ago a video, 'Parents Talking About Their Gay And Lesbian Children' was produced on FFLAG's behalf. It features parents discussing their feelings when they discovered they have a lesbian or gay child. The introduction is by Sir Ian Mckellen.
Go to the Parents Talking About Their Gay And Lesbin Children Video page where you can view it.

Booklets and Frequently Asked Questions

Speakers Panel

Manchester Parents Group has speakers available to give talks, presentations and workshops about our organisation and the work we do. This includes issues surrounding homosexuality. Our speakers are all parents of lesbian, gay or bisexual sons and daughters.  Presentations have been given to organisations such as National Union of Teachers, Health authority workers, Church groups, Women's groups, Counsellors and University students. We also provide spokespeople for the TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines.

If you would like us to act as a spokesperson. Please Contact Us