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Parents Talking Video

Over 15 years ago a video, 'Parents Talking about their lesbian and gay children' was produced on FFLAG's behalf. It features Manchester Parents Group members discussing their feelings when they discovered they have a lesbian or gay child. The introduction is by Sir Ian Mckellen, Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, and was the person chosen to lead the Manchester Pride 2010 parade. Go to the Parents Talking movie page

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Parents talking video page


Manchester Pride 2011 Video

Manchester Pride is a ten day festival to celebrate Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender life with an exciting programme of cultural, community, heritage, debating as well as non-stop partying in the gay village over the Bank Holiday weekend. Relive it by watching our Manchester Pride 2011 Video

Manchester_Pride_2011 Video


Manchester Pride 2010 Video

Our movie of Manchester Pride 2010


Manchester Pride 2010 Video

Movies and photos of our activities

Here's a selection of photos and movies from our archives.
If you enjoyed this year's Manchester Pride, see last year's Manchester Pride 2010 movie or have a nostalgic look back our photos and movie of Pride 2009 and going all the way back to MardisGras 1999.


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