Pam's Real Life Story

Our son said to us one evening, when he was 16 yrs old 'I think I might be gay.' We were taken by surprise, but realised that it had taken a lot of courage for him to tell us.

Lots of emotions were being felt, most predominately, fear that he would come up against a lot of prejudice. We talked to him to assure him that if he was gay we would support him in any way we could, but for him to be completely sure that he was, before he told others, as people could be very cruel. Unfortunately for him he had confided in a boy at school (an all boys Catholic Grammar School) that he thought he might be gay and this boy promptly told others. When he started the 6th form at the school the bullying started. It was heartbreaking to watch him go to school. He was obviously unhappy, and a series of events happened which prompted us to go to the school. We were assured that bullying was not tolerated and that the boys involved would be made aware that this would have to stop. They had procedures in place to deal with this.

Unfortunately things were made worse for him and I have to say the school did not live up to its promises. We were bitterly disappointed with their handling of the situation.

He transferred to a 6th form college where he went from strength to strength but had to do an extra "A" level year as the modules he had done at the Grammar school were not compatible with the College.

He is at University now doing all the things students do and shouldn’t do. He’s having a great time and is very involved with the LGB society there.

He met one of the lads who had been part of the bullying, when he was out with a group of friends one night. This lad apologised for his actions and said he hadn’t realised how miserable the whole thing had made him feel. My son accepted the apology but couldn’t fail to notice that this lad was out with just one friend and they didn’t seem to be having such a great time, whereas he was with a large group that night and they were really enjoying themselves.

Hopefully, one day, not too far away, people will not be bullied because of their sexuality.