Contacting Us

Maybe you have recently found out your child is lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT) and you are unable to accept their sexuality or identity. Maybe you have known for some time but been unable to talk to anybody about it. We can help.

Our Help Line

0845 652 2674 (United Kingdom - local rates apply).

You will be put in contact with friendly, understanding parents.

Meet with us

We meet once a month in Central Manchester as a group or if you prefer we can arrange to meet you one-to-one for a coffee somewhere. Contact us to arrange something.

See the Meetings page for full details

Email Us

You can contact us by using the form below and a parent will reply to you via email.

All information is kept strictly confidential.

Email us by using this form


For help and information we have:

Frequently Asked Questions
The answers to questions Parents of Lesbians and Gays frequently ask.

A Guide For Families And Friends of Lesbian and Gays
This information has been written primarily for parents but is also useful for families and friends.

How do I Tell My Parents I'm Lesbian or Gay?
Useful for people contemplating coming out to their parents.

Our Kids Are Alright Booklet
LGF's excellent booklet for Parents of Gay and Lesbian Children produced with help from us.

You can also watch:

Parents Talking About Their Lesbian and Gay Children Video
A video of Parents describing their feelings when discovering they had a lesbian or gay child.